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Return to Sport Program

Maximize your post-operative outcomes and make a successful comeback with BARWIS' integrated approach to ACL reconstruction recovery.

Athletes recovering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery are faced with an eight to twelve-month rehabilitation process. 


After the first six months of physical therapy-led recovery, athletes are often left to navigate the remaining six months independently. The time between discharge from physical therapy and returning to sport is crucial for maximizing post-operative outcomes following surgery. 


Athletes need guidance for appropriate return to sports training while safely considering the implications of ACL reconstruction recovery. The BARWIS family brings an integrated approach to physically and mentally prepare athletes to make their comeback.


We recommend athletes begin the Return to Sport Program six to seven months postoperatively or when recommended by their orthopedic surgeon. A doctor of physical therapy will design and quarterback an individualized recovery program to safely get the athlete back to peak performance. 

Week 1:

  • Initial physical therapy evaluation

  • Baseline biometric testing

  • Mental performance assessment


Weeks 2-8:

  • Weekly biometric screening assessment

  • One session of physical therapy & two sessions of personal training per week


Week 8:

  • Final physical therapy evaluation

  • Final biometric testing assessment

  • Discharge recommendations

  • Mental performance final evaluation & future recommendations



Taking the guesswork out of your recovery by utilizing the latest research and most advanced technology to objectively manage & progress your care.

Force plate jump assessment

Active Force strength gauging

NordBord hamstring eccentric evaluation 


A team of experts from various health and wellness disciplines considers all aspects of your recovery.

Physical Therapy

Personal Training

Sports Psychology


A holistic approach considers all recovery factors including individual goals, psychological readiness, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and injury prevention education. 

Soccer Player in Action
"The environment at BARWIS was so encouraging and fun and it made me motivated to put extra effort into my knee. I’m back to playing soccer now and I feel stronger than ever thanks to BARWIS and the Return to Sport Program!"

- Cailey K.

(17-year-old Soccer Player - Team Boca & North Broward Prep)

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