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BARWIS Physical Therapy delivers world-class rehabilitation services, designed to provide specialized, ONE-ON-ONE care from our Doctors of Physical therapy.  We deliver a comprehensive approach to therapy by partnering with world-class performance coaches, chiropractors, massage therapists, mental performance coaches, nutritionists, skill coaches, and many more in order to bring you back to optimal health and function. Our mission is to provide compassionate and quality care to every client who walks through the door regardless of functional goals, sport or hobby most important to you.

Restore mobility and range of motion

Enhance balance and coordination

Maximize power and strength

Reduce pain

Increase functional independence and performance

Establish specialized discharge plan



Receive undivided attention from our Doctors of Physical Therapy throughout your session to optimize your treatment.


In-house access to a team of experts from a variety of health and wellness disciplines for a well-rounded approach to your recovery.


Take the guesswork out of your recovery by utilizing the latest research and most advanced technology to objectively manage and progress your care.


Here to Help

We are proud to bring world-class training and rehabilitation to all walks of life from the general public to professional and Olympic athletes. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art physical therapy clinic rooms, indoor and outdoor turf areas, plyometric gymnastic spring floor, yoga studio, batting cages, golf net return, Olympic lifting platforms, diverse cardio equipment, KAATSU blood flow restriction devices, recovery room, and much more.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have ample experience treating patients of all ages and abilities including youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in over 40 different sports.

From complex post-operative rehabilitation to managing your aches and pains, our Doctors of Physical Therapy will get you back feeling your best! 


BARWIS Approach

BARWIS Physical Therapy Clinics are located within BARWIS Performance Centers, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to help aid our clients in achieving optimal recovery and performance.

“After undergoing 3 knee surgeries, they have always put me in the best position to get back to playing collegiate basketball. From physical therapy, to the amazing college strength and agility program, BARWIS is the place to be!”
“I found this place by accident and I’m so glad I did. My PT coaches were very prepared and more than willing to help with my injuries, all the staff I interacted with were amazing and friendly. I wish I could put more stars on this review, this place is overall the best choice I could have taken. I plan on joining this gym.”
“It is not too often you find physical therapists that truly care for each and every patient like the PTs at Barwis. I always felt fully supported, as they would check up on me to make sure I was doing well. They build a personal relationship that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just another injury. I would most definitely recommend their PT program to anyone and everyone of all injuries and situations.”
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