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  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare

  • Medicare

  • Workers Compensation

  • Out of Network Billing

  • Self-pay packages


  • United Healthcare

  • Medicare

  • Workers Compensation

  • Medicaid

  • Out of Network Billing

  • Self-pay packages

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  • Book an appointment with our administrative staff

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  • Fill out the intake and consent forms sent to your email


  • Kindly arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment wear comfortable clothing and exercise shoes.

  • Initial evaluations are 1 hour in duration.

  • Your doctor of physical therapy will take a medical history, learn about your current complaint and understand your personal goals.

  • You will then undergo a physical examination at which time your strength, range of motion, functional mobility and level of pain will be assessed.

  • The examination results will be explained and a plan of care will be established based on your individual goals and functional impairments.

Post-op patients: please bring surgical report and post-op protocol from your physician for your Physical Therapist to review if available

Carry out the Plan of Care

  • Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes in duration unless otherwise specified by your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • Physical therapy services will be rendered with one-on-one care from your Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

  • If appropriate, home exercises will be prescribed and provided through your telehab application.

Discharge Planning

  • Discharge plans and recommendations will be established.

  • Individualized home exercises will be provided if appropriate.

Ongoing Support

  • Smooth transition to Personal Training and Performance Training available.

  • The BARWIS family is always available for your support and to answer questions upon discharge!

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