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Return to Sport Assessment

Return to sport assessments are vital for an athlete looking to get back in the game after an injury or surgical procedure.  They provide critical information regarding an athlete's strength, stability, and mobility as it pertains to their sport. We utilize biometric testing throughout your plan of care to determine baseline measurements and track progress over time. This allows us to properly modify treatment plans and maximize outcomes. The information gathered is then used to determine what lingering impairments need addressing in order to improve safety and prevent re-injury. 

Return to sport and biometric testing include:

  1. Strength testing

  2. Hawkins Force Plate jump assessment

  3. Speed and agility testing

  4. Vald movement analysis

  5. Psychological readiness

Additionally, we offer a smooth transition back into sports performance training with our on-site strength and conditioning coaches.

Pre-operative and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation 

Surgical procedures can be a stressful time. At BARWIS Physical Therapy we will help you navigate through all aspects of recovery including pre and post-operative care. Research shows improving range of motion, strength, and function prior to surgery improves short and long-term outcomes. Following surgery, our doctors of physical therapy will work with you and your surgeon to provide the most appropriate care.

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